how it works

As a shaman, I basically operate as a “spiritual plumber.”

The work I do is based on three fundamental principles:

The human body is an energy system.

We function best when our subtle energy is flowing naturally from one part of the body to the other. When energy gets clogged, stuck, or it builds up in any part of our system, problems arise. My job is to identify the blocks in your system so that I can help you remove them.

My work happens solely at the behest of my spiritual guides and ancestors.

They live in a dimension of reality that allows them to see the hidden factors and forces that are influencing your situation. They can see what’s tripping you up, even if you and I can’t. And because my guides are also energy healers, they’re able to work through me to clear your blocks and get your energy flowing again.

As human energy systems, we inhabit an even wider energy system: the place where we live, work, and travel.

This includes our personal and professional relationships, our physical home, our city or town, and the surrounding natural environment. While we can control what’s going on with us personally, navigating the energy system of others and our environment can be a much greater challenge. I use shamanic coaching to help clients form an action plan to create better harmony in their personal and inter-personal lives.

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