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I have no teaching of my own. Rather, I receive instruction from my guides and ancestors.

They don’t give lectures. They don’t say, “Here are the lessons, here are the answers, now memorize everything.

Instead, they give me little snippets and phrases to contemplate, meditate on, chew on, and study.

Each week, I’ll publish one of their teachings on my blog so that you can learn along with me. If you have questions about the teachings or want to discuss them, you can post your thoughts in the comment section of the blog.

daryl watson shaman
"I have paid people (with diplomas and certificates) as well as searched the internet for this type of guidance plenty of times, coming up with steps and methods to follow, but never really felt as though their remedy prescribed was unique to my own growth. Having no elders of my own, I found Daryl’s process of consulting his ancestors to be (albeit strange at first) really comforting. Their questions in response to my troubles were personal and insightful. They allowed me to examine my approach in ways that my shrink never had. His care and kindness was comforting beyond what could be accumulated over a single lifetime. If you seek answers or your soul could use some relief, you will be better for spending time with Daryl and his ancestors. I was."

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