Tanya Jones

Daryl’s willingness, passion and genuine interest in helping guide me was felt immediately. He was thoughtful and was able to elaborate on what was present for me, in that moment. My reading with Daryl was a reminder to trust that we already have the answers and sometimes we just need help to find our way back home. A lot opened up for me after and my questions were not only answered, specific results came out of our session. I know and trust that our conversation energetically helped my life move forward. Spirit heard me and didn’t hesitate to get it moving

Tanya D. Jones

I was skeptical but open when I worked with Daryl since it was over the phone. I found my remote healing session to be powerful in a way that I wasn’t expecting. Daryl also made contact with one of my family relatives in Spirit so that they could deliver a message I needed to hear. He definitely has a connection to the unseen world and uses it for healing and guidance.

Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner

I didn’t know what to expect before doing a journey with Daryl Watson. The experience was powerful beyond my expectations and I left with more clarity than I’d had in months. I left the experience with a clear sense of what was holding me back and what I needed to do to move forward. Daryl communicated clearly through the process, was thoughtful, and handled every part of the experience with care. I cannot recommend Daryl and this experience more highly.

Lee Bonvissuto

I had a couple of healing sessions with Daryl, and they were both uniquely powerful. In the first session he intuitively tuned in and he picked up on some emotional issues that I was not consciously acknowledging, and he did a clearing that led to a powerful release and a surge of creative energies and inspiration the days after. In the second session, he did a shamanic energy clearing after picking up some heaviness around my chest, I felt much more lighter and clear afterwards. Daryl is very intuitive, and I highly recommend working with him to anyone who wishes to work on themselves and gain clarity on their path

Angela Baschieri